See, I update!

9 09 2008

People are starting to claim I don’t update my blog anymore.  I don’t know what they are talking about, isn’t this a shiny new blog post? 

It may just be because I have nothing fitness wise to talk about.  It may just be that I’m a big slacker who gorged their way through the summer. 

I’m going to the gym tomorrow.  I promised so now I have to.  The last few weeks I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get back into a routine.  No time like…tomorrow. 

Watch for it.  Here.  😛


Hang in there with me.

26 06 2008

I know, I have been gone completely.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of stressful things the last few weeks.  It’s not just this blog that has been ignored, it’s also been the gym and a lot of my healthy eating progress.  I’ve just been trying to get through the days without feeling overwhelmed.

So I’m going to start afresh.  Things are settling down, and Ifeel like a fat blob. 

I may be back at ground zero, but that doesn’t mean I can’t climb again.  My motivation has returned.  I have also learned a lesson…motivation is a fair weather friend.  I need to find something to pull me through when motivation takes a vacation.  Not sure what that is yet, accountability, gumption, threats…but I plan on finding it. 

Let the journey begin.

Hey, remember me?

19 05 2008

Well I’m back!!  Sorry, I know I’ve been back a week.  I’ve had several people badgering me to get back on here.  It was kinda interesting to see how many people actually read this blog…or at least did…before they moved on to bigger and better things.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  My husband and I had a great vacation in Mexico.  It was an amazing time, and it really helped me keep my mind off of work, which had dragged me down so much.  Then we came home and started right back up at a running pace for life.  I haven’t had time to sit down and even get our vacation pictures on the computer yet.  I’ll post some here when I do.

Last week was just a blur.  We got home on Monday, and the rest of the week was just go go go.  We had something every night, and I was working crazy every day.  This weekend was still crazy.  Part of the craziness was my birthday was last week, so I had lots of things with that.  I also had some yummy, and naughty, food to celebrate.   I’m feeling a bit old with my new age…I hope I grow into it.

So back to this getting fit and healthy deal.  I won’t lie, last week was a bust.  I haven’t been back to the gym since we got back from vacation, I just had no time last week.  Weak excuse I know, but its the truth.  On vacation, we definitely ate and drank what we wanted, but we walked all over the place, and swam a lot.  I felt like we were always going and burning calories…which was great. 

Last week I was really depressed about not getting to the gym, and feeling like a fat oaf.  I guess it’s true that once your body gets used to working out and eating decent and you do neither…it feels like crap.  I read the blog of my friend who is also working on losing weight, and she made so much progress in the last two weeks…but I think I went backward.  I went to a family party on Sunday, the first time since I’ve started losing weight.  A few of my cousins said they could see that I’m losing…so that was a motivator. 

Today it’s back to the gym!  I’m goinig to get back into my weight routine with gusto…I want to feel strong again.  I hope my muscles remember what it’s like to lift weights. 😉

Tomorrow I’m going back to the C25K.  My friend is doing wonderful with her progress, she is on week three.  I’m wondering if I should just start over at week 1, now I won’t have a break in the middle.  Well lets leave thoughts of the C25K and nasty running for tomorrow.  Today I have to deal with that silly StepMill and weights.

Off to Mexico

4 05 2008

Well I’m going to be in Mexico starting tomorrow without access to the internet.  I hope everyone has a great week.  I appreciate you reading my blog and giving me such words of encouragement.  It really keeps me accountable and motivated.  Muah!

Down a little.

2 05 2008

So I hopped back on the scale yesterday at the gym, after sculpting my rock hard physique. 

I’m always afraid to get on the scale.  What if the scale knows about my ice cream sundae last night?  What if the scale knows I skipped 20 minutes of cardio yesterday? 

All these weird thoughts go through my head.  I don’t even want to do it…but I do.  Partially so I know how much weight I gain next week while staying at an all inclusive. 

So since my last weigh in two weeks ago, I’ve lost 2 pounds!  I am just happy I’m down and not up, especially with how my last two weeks have been.  Go me!  I’m hoping it keeps going down…I can’t wait until I really start seeing the difference. 

I’m hoping the little loss will help motivate me from avoiding the second dessert while on vacation.  The first dessert is a given…I am on vacation after all. =)

C25K: Week 2 Day 2 (of 3000)

2 05 2008

On Wednesday I did another day of week 2 of the C25K.  It was still really hard for me, which I expected, since I’ve been so stressed with work and haven’t been able to focus on it as much. 

I went in saying okay great, I had a hard day at work today…I’m going to go, run and it’s going to be a release.  That worked for oh…the first interval.  When I went back to walking, struggling for breath….my optimistic attitude went out the window.    The only improvement I saw over the last time I ran it, is I didn’t take as much time between intervals.  I didn’t pause the podcast at all to give myself more time to catch my breath. 

That said, I also stopped an interval early.  One step forward, two steps back.  I was just utterly exhausted.  Work had zapped the life out of me, and running was taking that last little bit. 

I am on vacation in Mexico next week, so I have no expectations that I’ll get much farther in the next week.  Dh and I hope to work out some while we are on vacation, so hopefully I’ll get a run or two in….between Pina Coladas.  😉

So much stress

28 04 2008

I’ve been really overwhelmed at work the last few days.  We are hitting the final stretch with my project and it’s just crazy.  I haven’t had much time to think about working out or this blog.  This weekend I tried to relax as much as I can, before the craziness.  I had to work yesterday too, not fun. 

I’m going to try and work out as much as I can this week, but some days it may truthfully be too much.

Friday I went to the gym and do my new weight routine.  It’s really hard.  I was really pushing on several of the reps, and sometimes I just couldnt’ finish my sets.  I guess that is a good thing though, because it means I’m working my muscles more.

I did the stepmaster stepmill on Friday as well.  It was so much harder than when the trainer was there with me.  I don’t know if it was because of work stress just wearing me out or what, but I did it for six minutes and I had to stop.  My heart was racing really fast and I couldn’t catch my breathe.  It was a bit of a downer for me motivation wise…I just felt overwhelmed.  I still feel overwhelmed. 

I didn’t get a chance to do the C25K this weekend, I just needed a break.  Today I am going to the gym (hopefully), but I am going to do strength training and some cardio.   I’ll leave C25K for tomorrow.  I hope my progress isn’t completely reversed.

However between stress this week and vacation next week, I really don’t think I’ll be able to move on to week three of the C25K for at least two more weeks.  Oh well, I’ll get there eventually.

Sorry this post isn’t very interesting, or upbeat.  I am just beat right now.  I don’t have the energy to be more interesting. 😉  Is it Friday yet?